Co. Ltd. “SVEGA-Computer” has been engaged in production of goods under SVEGA® trademark since year 1995. The operation of the Company including computer systems production is certified in compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2011 Russian Standard. Applying our own know-how in technology, we produce the following goods:

  • Tabletop and mobile SVEGA® systems;
  • Servers and data storage systems SVEGA®;
  • Customized equipment.

Company’s productive capacities allow for production of up to 10,000 personal computers and up to 500 server platforms under SVEGA® trademark per month.

The company has extensive experience supplying various equipment that underwent special checks in order to detect data interception devices, and special inspections to reveal possible channels of information leakage which is caused by extraneous electromagnetic radiation and interference.

Co. Ltd. “SVEGA-Computer” cooperates with the largest world manufacturers of components for the production, however all the equipment is made exclusively in St. Petersburg.

Multifunctional multimedia complexes SVEGA® with 3D visualization (Russian Federation)

Co. Ltd. “SVEGA-Computer” has developed and successfully introduced in a number of educational institutions the three-dimensional integrated multimedia complex with 3D visualization conforming to modern international standards.

This complex is realized in two options: stationary multipurpose and mobile . In both complexes we use the multiband filter technology. The image doesn’t flicker. You may use any surface for projection. You don’t have a double vision at maximum "departure" of the virtual object from the screen. View from anywhere in the room without distortion is possible. Eyeglass lens are of mineral glass, convenient for any kind of sanitation. Glasses are compatible with prescription glasses. There is no need of synchronization points and the periodic replacement of batteries in them.

Multimedia complexes of SVEGA ® can be used for elementary, middle, high school, College and Higher educational institutions depending on the used content.

Today Co. Ltd. “SVEGA-Computer” produces using own technological developments:

     — Mobile integrated multimedia complex SVEGA®with 3D visualization (SVEGA ММК-3DM);

     —Multifunctional integrated multimedia complex SVEGA®with 3D visualization (SVEGA ММК-3D);

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What can we offer our Customers?

  • Multipurpose multimedia complexes with 3D visualization;
  • Servers, office and mobile personal computers of both own production, and known global manufacturers;
  • Various peripheral and multiple copying equipment, office automatic telephone exchanges;
  • Expendables and accessories;
  • The active and passive network equipment from the leading producers and the accompanying accessories;
  • Multimedia and interactive equipment (audio equipment, video equipment, Digital Signage, video conferencing, language classes and etc.)
  • Equipment for access control systems;
  • Equipment for systems of video surveillance;
  • Security and fire alarm systems and warning systems;

Our company has all necessary licenses, certificates and documents allowing to development, production, installation, repair and service of all types of the delivered equipment.