Thermometry systems

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the most urgent task is to implement thermometry systems designed for non-contact measurement of human temperature.

High temperature is a major symptom in people with coronavirus infection or other diseases associated with elevated body temperature. The simplest, fastest and most reliable way of detecting elevated temperature in humans is infrared thermography, i.e., determination of body temperature by contactless measurement of infrared radiation in the body.

The most popular thermometry systems are those that allow you to comfortably measure the temperature of the flow of people, without violating human freedom.

As a result of testing and approbation of various solutions, our specialists developed a modular complex that meets the sanitary and epidemiological requirements for mandatory thermometry for organization of work of enterprises and institutions in the conditions of maintaining the risks of COVID-19 spread. The proposed complex is multi-functional and, in addition to solving the local problem of thermal control, is intended for use in complex object security systems and universal identification systems.

Multifunctional complex with the possibility of thermometry

The main component of the complex is a professional thermal imaging video camera complete with specialized software.

One of the functional characteristics of this equipment is the ability to measure the temperature of each person in the stream moving past the camera.

The results of thermometry are displayed on the control computer by applying the digital value of the measured human temperature directly to the video image. If the temperature exceeds the set limit, an alarm sound is triggered, and the computer identifies and records a specific person.

The thermometer process takes place in real time and has a capacity of up to 100 people per minute.

This equipment is compatible with various complex security systems and can be integrated into the enterprise system.

The cost of the complex solution is determined on the basis of the pre-project survey of the facility, on the basis of the requirements of the Customer in the part of the functional equipment involved.

1. Thermometry system

The system is designed for collective thermal monitoring and can be performed in two versions: stationary and mobile. The difference is solely in the camera installation. The mobile version requires a special tripod (complete with an adapter and an additional power supply for the camera). In the stationary version, the camera can be mounted in the ceiling, on the frame of a metal detector, etc.

In both cases, installation work must be performed using passive network equipment and supplies. The operation of the thermometry system requires a computer that matches the characteristics of the camera used.

The special software is configured according to the thermometry function.

Additional features:

 — This thermometry system allows you to keep an automated log of recording the temperature of each person;

 — It is possible to install an additional screen for independent temperature control;

 — With the appropriate settings, the camera can issue a sound and light alarm;

 — There is a function of fixing video images of persons with a temperature above the specified norm.

2. Complex security system

The application of thermometry makes it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the integrated security system. The ability to identify potential disease-spreading agents prior to contact with other people in the building is essential to prevent the spread of disease. The thermometry system can be integrated into both existing and planned video surveillance systems, control and access control systems, security and fire alarm systems, and their functionality can be significantly enhanced. For example, using the access control system, it is possible to block the entrance to a person whose temperature exceeds the set value, and to keep a video of that person in a separate section for later identification.

3. System of universal identity

The functional characteristics of this camera make it possible to use it as part of a complex of hardware and software for building a system of universal identification of a person.