The creation of a modern multimedia space

The creative team of "SVEGA-Computer" and the working group of the Customer have developed and successfully implemented a joint project, integrating fresh design solutions with modern multimedia equipment. The result is a modern space in which the equipment is part of the library.

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To demonstrate presentations and video content with 4K resolution, the hall is equipped with a projection system consisting of a laser installation projector and a widescreen. The system allows speakers to carry out activities directly in front of the screen without getting the projector beam in the eye. Also there is a subsystem of sound playback for comfortable listening to audio contentin the hall. A well-thought-out operator's place is organized to control all the equipment in the hall during the events.


The hall provides automatic broadcast of video content by two laser projectors on opposite walls of the corridor. In this case, the demonstration is carried out on high-contrast screens without borders around the perimeter, which creates an impressive presentation of video content. The screens are arranged so that they are visible from anywhere in the hall. The administrator can change the content at any point of the library by simply connecting to the WIFI network. Also we installed acoustic systems around the perimeter. There is a system for broadcasting background sound from any digital media and from the Internet. This system allows you to manage audio content and give voice announcements in all locations simultaneously and selectively. All multimedia equipment of the library is integrated into a common local network system for the convenience of the administrator. In addition, our specialists have designed and organized a seamless WIFI system that ensures a permanent connection to the network anywhere in the library. Thanks to this system, all you need to connect any information panelsis a power outlet.


Understanding the tasks of events in the coworking area, we offered a touch panel with a diagonal of 75 inches on a mobile stand, which has a convenient height adjustment. This is what allows you to organize events with participants of all ages.


The creative studio had another task: practical classes are important for children. For example, to practice drawing skills, the artist takes the real picture as an example, and uses the touch screen as a digital canvas.