Comprehensive equipment of The state budget educational institution school No. 13 of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg

"SVEGA-Computer" has made complex equipment of the State budgetary educational institution school No. 13 of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, which is a participant of the "Dobroshkola" project of the Federal project "Modern School" of the National project of the Russian Federation "Education".


"Dobroshkola" project. For the organization of high-quality accessible education for children with disabilities, an event of the Federal project "Modern School" of the National project "Education" is being implemented in some educational organizations. The purpose of the event is to create modern conditions for education and upbringing by updating the infrastructure of educational organizations.

The specialists of our company have developed and successfully implemented a project for equipping this educational institution with the latest educational products based on modern multimedia computer equipment. This fact is a real confirmation of the implementation of the digitalization process in education, which is the most important task in recent years.

Nikolay Tsed, the Head of the Primorsky district Administration, who visited school No. 13 of the Primorsky district on September 02, 2020, highly appreciated the necessity and uniqueness of the delivered equipment.

In particular, we installed the equipment, a brief description of which is given below:


The mobile integrated multimedia system with 3D visualization SVEGA® MMK-3DM is a unique innovative educational product designed to demonstrate stereoscopic educational content. SVEGA® MMK-3DM increases the efficiency, speed and quality of teaching, allowing to optimize the work of teachers and motivate children to learn. Corresponds to the global trends in the use of virtual technologies in the educational process.


The interactive floor projection system is a combination of modern digital and projection technologies that allow you to radically revitalize the interior and floor of almost any room and create an extraordinary educational video game on the floor.


Interactive system with a computer, projector, sensors and software for learning and games at school. The children paint, the teacher scans the drawings with a push of a button, the works immediately appear on the interactive wall. The drawings on the interactive screen come to life: they react to touch, they can move.


Interactive sandbox is a modern and effective tool for children's institutions that allows you to transfer sand therapy and the educational process to a new level, to reveal the internal reserves and natural abilities of children. The interactive sandbox is based on augmented reality technologies, which turns ordinary sand into a Magical Universe.


The main purpose of this equipment is to correct and eliminate speech defects. The installed programs help children to form correct speech breathing, pronunciation of sounds, stress, grammatical structure of the language, increase vocabulary, introduce all the sounds, letters, teach reading. Also, the equipment successfully develops articulation, hand motility, memory, verbal and logical thinking, communication skills.