SVEGA-Computer company's contribution to the implementation of the national project "Healthcare"

SVEGA-Computer company's contribution to the implementation of the national project "Healthcare"

Ref: The national project "Healthcare", the passport of which was approved following the meeting of the Presidium of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Strategic Development and National Projects on December 24, 2018 N 16, provides for the implementation of the federal project "Creation of a unified digital health care circuit based on the Unified State Health Information System" ("Single digital circuit"). Implementation period: 2019-2024
Within the framework of the implementation of the national project "Healthcare", specialists of the "SVEGA-Computer" company supplied computer equipment for installation on doctors' workplaces (440 personal computers and 228 MFPs) . The delivery was made to 11 health care institutions in St. Petersburg.

System blocks for personal computers, according to a long tradition, are products of our own production. In all competitive procedures, the technical tasks of which allow us to offer our own computers, we always declare equipment under the registered trademark SVEGA®.

Our motto "Quality of the New Century" requires all specialists of the company to have constant highly professional dedication in all areas of the enterprise. At the same time, in the last century, the quality of our computers was at the highest level. This is the opinion of those users who remember the "SVEGA" 286 ( Intel 80286 ) computers, many of whom got to know them while still studying at school. In those years, we were famous not only for mass-produced products.

The fact that the first 486-th (Intel A80486DX) computer in St. Petersburg was produced (with the direct participation of V. B. Blinov) as part of the SSSTE (small state scientific and technical enterprise) is also significant for us) "SVEGA" in the early 90s and put into operation in the printing of them. Ivan Fedorov. That time, there was an embargo on the supply of computer equipment of this class to Russia.

High production culture has been a dominant aspect since the company was founded and was formed by representatives of the technical service of that time, which consisted mainly of people from defense enterprises.

Long-standing traditions of impeccable engineering work, implemented in the production of modern personal computers, are still preserved today thanks, first of all, to personal contribution of:

  • P. Vasiliev (Head of Production Engineering Department), in the company since 1997;
  • I. Myshlenok (Deputy Head of Production Engineering Department), in the company since 2001;
  • V. Grechkin (Head of the assembly department), in the company since 1995.