Our company has started regional supplies of SVEGA® KT thermometry systems

Our company has started regional supplies of SVEGA® KT thermometry systems

The developments of our engineers in terms of the organization of non-contact temperature measurement of the flow of people, implemented in the SVEGA® KT systems, aroused deep interest from numerous representatives of educational institutions from various regions of the Russian Federation. This fact is confirmed by the increased number of calls to the technical support group, as well as a significant increase in information views on the company's official website through various search engines.

A high assessment of our efforts in this direction is very timely, since for any representative of the engineering profession, the demand for the results of his work is no less important than the material reward itself, which in the framework of this project is inappropriate to mention, since initially for us the determining factor was its social orientation.

Until now, not a single offer has appeared on the market for less than 1 million Rubles with functional characteristics similar to our system.

For reference: The cost of the SVEGA® KT thermometry system is 400,000 Rubles, including VAT 20%.

Nevertheless, the sale of our own products is extremely important for us, since it is the life-supporting factor of any commercial enterprise. Therefore, the expansion of the geography of supplies of SVEGA® KT thermometry systems is also significant. So one of the first owners of our complexes in the Southern Federal District was the Municipal Budgetary Educational Institution Secondary School "No. 54" of the city of Rostov-on-Don.

The installation of the system was carried out by IT specialists of the educational institution itself. They noted the simplicity of installation and commissioning, well-thought-out equipment, variability of component placement, as well as the availability and clarity of the user documentation of the system.

The package of pre-orders for the production of thermometry systems is growing steadily. However, to our deep regret, many objective and subjective reasons generated by the realities of today do not allow us to properly plan the production cycle to satisfy everyone.