SVEGA® KT thermometry system in E.M. Primakov Gymnasium

SVEGA-Computer specialists have implemented a set of measures to organize stationary posts for sanitary and epidemiological safety in E.M. Primakov Gymnasium

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the most urgent task remains the introduction of thermometry systems designed for non-contact measurement of human temperature. Realizing the exceptional importance of the task of health protection of children and youth, the management of E.M. Primakov Gymnasium turned to the SVEGA-Computer company to organize stationary posts of sanitary and epidemiological safety based on the SVEGA® KT thermometry systems.

Ref: E. M. Primakov Gymnasium is an innovative multidisciplinary educational institution providing education to children ages two to eighteen in a bilingual environment. The mission of E. M. Primakov School is to empower students with the capacity to become the leaders inspired to change the world through providing a high-level personalised education based on the best Russian and foreign practices; through developing critical thinking, ability to learn and communicate as well as independent and responsible decision-making and through educating our students to become caring and respectable citizens of our country and the world (link to the official website of the Gymnasium).

On the basis of the requirements of the representatives of the Gymnasium, the specialists of our company developed an individual project, which was implemented by our field team of engineers.

In the period from November 26 to November 27, 2020, equipment was installed at four entrances to the educational institution, commissioning work was carried out and the thermometry system was put into operation.

We highly appreciate the trust placed in us and are confident that our solution is fully consistent with the innovative orientation of the material and technical support of this educational institution. And in addition to performing the function of sanitary and epidemiological safety in terms of mandatory thermometry, it serves as a clear example of the facial recognition system using artificial intelligence used in SVEGA ® KT complexes.