The specialists of the Co. Ltd. "SVEGA-Computer" took part in equipping the teenage and youth club "Attraction"

The specialists of the Co. Ltd. "SVEGA-Computer" took part in equipping the teenage and youth club "Attraction"

On Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg, a new public space has appeared-the teenage and youth club "Attraction". The main focus of the club is the comprehensive popularization of modern information technologies currently used in industry.

It is planned to place special emphasis on virtual engineering technologies, since they are the ones most in demand in high-tech industries: aircraft and aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and industrial construction.

In the equipped lecture hall, our youth will learn a lot about engineering, modern design technology, the concepts of virtual prototyping, digital modeling, stereovisualization and many other interesting things.

And having received the initial knowledge about why and how virtual technologies are used in various production processes, it will be possible to master the basics of 3D programming and understand the functional purpose of 3D printing. This is what the 3D modeling room is designed for.

Within the framework of the project, the task of our company was to equip two halls:

3D modeling room

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of a set of equipment for 3D modeling and printing.

Hall for lectures and master classes

Installation of a projection system, which includes a projector and a specialized screen that allows you to comfortably view images with the lights on and without curtains. Development and manufacture of a mobile operator's workplace complete with rack equipment. Installation and setup of a speaker system consisting of line arrays and two subwoofers integrated into furniture structures.

Young people aged 14 to 35 can freely visit the space every day. The Youth Center "Attraction" was ready to receive visitors back in December 2020, but due to restrictions related to COVID-19, the work of youth centers in St. Petersburg is prohibited until January 31, 2021. We sincerely hope that the opportunities provided by the club, in any case, will expand the horizons of each member of the PMK "Attraction", and someone will be helped to make a decision about choosing or changing a profession. St. Petersburg TV channel paid attention to this event.

Report of the TV channel Saint Petersburg on January 12, 2021 (the 3D modeling complex is managed by SVEGA-Computer specialist Artem Gribanov). A source: Link