3D installations of Co. Ltd. “SVEGA-Computer” based on EPSON projectors

Gymnasium № 642 "Earth and Universe", Saint-Petersburg is a large educational complex, located in four buildings and a single modern educational space. More than 1700 pupels study in the gymnasium. The school implements the gymnasium's educational programme, a substantial part of subjects are taught at higher or advanced level. From the first grade, pupils study English, grade 5 — second foreign language (French or German). The school teaches both humanitarian, physical and mathematical objects, and for the best assimilation of a training material use the most modern technical solutions.

So, in order to better assimilate the educational material in school № 642 "Earth and Universe", Co. Ltd. “SVEGA-Computer” designed and implemented using modern technical solutions, Integrated multimedia multifunctional complex with 3D visualisation (SVEGA production), which meets modern international standards of education quality. Stationary complex allows you to turn the hall into a multifunctional space for training, conduct videoconferences, conferences, presentations, celebrations and concert events. Responsible for the development and implementation of the project was Maxim Labetsky, the head of IT-solutions for education, Co. Ltd. “SVEGA-Computer”.

The Director of the gymnasium № 642 "Earth and Universe" Pavel Troshkeev comments: "Multimedia complex allows to organize the learning process on a new, modern level. 3D content improves the perception of material by pupils, so the introduction of such a technique is very useful in educational institutions. Images and movies in 3D develop spatial thinking, allow you to see any objects, not only from all sides, but from the inside, creating a sense of presence that make children involved in the events and processes. In addition, vivid and three-dimensional images have an additional emotional component, which is also very important for the absorption of information."

3D installations of Co. Ltd. “SVEGA-Computer” based on EPSON projectors in Gymnasium № 642 "Earth and School" were highly appreciated by Epson. This project is unique on a global scale, which was noted by European and Russian representatives of EPSON during a visit to St. Petersburg (Corporate Director Mr. Takanori Inaho, Commercial Director Mr. Neil Kahun, Head of Marketing Department Mr. Hans Dummer, as well as representatives of Epson, operating in Russia and the CIS countries: Senior Business Development Manager Dmitry Bobkov, Senior Projector and Business Technology Manager Evgeniya Dzhaksimova).

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