Engineering Support Systems

When implementing projects to create engineering support systems, our company is guided by a set of standards and guidance documents in the field of information technology.


For the creation of video surveillance systems we provide solutions that enable the acquisition and transmission of high-definition digital images, the archiving of video data using protection against installation and ensuring the status of evidence base, the implementation of automatic behavior analysis of moving objects, face and object detectors, definition of car numbers, face recognition, search in the archive with metadata filtering, protection of exported files from viewing by unauthorized persons.


The access control system is a software and hardware complex designed to effectively solve issues of control and security. The range of equipment and software allows you to select optimal solutions for access control and management for various objects with the capabilities of centralized or distributed control, provides access control at any points of the passage, automobile entrances. When creating ACS, various barrier devices (turnstiles, lock cabs), various identifiers (keyfobs, contactless cards, RFID tags for long-range identification) are used. The software allows you to determine the limitations of the schedule and access zones, the identification of the person moving through the access point, the archiving of events.


Fire safety systems are characterized by the ability to prevent the occurrence and development of a fire, as well as the effects of fire hazards on people and property, comply with the requirements of Federal Law No. 123-FZ of July 22, 2008, "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements".

The security systems listed above are projected in accordance with the requirements of the Resolution of the Government of St. Petersburg of 03.06.2009 №636 "On equipping complex facilities to ensure the safety of social infrastructure in St. Petersburg,"Technical Regulations of Committee for Informatization and Communication of the Government of St. Petersburg of August 31, 2009 "Equipping (retrofitting) of social infrastructure facilities in St. Petersburg with the means of an integrated security system", and the project of the Russian Federal Law "Technical Regulations on the technical means to ensure the anti-criminal protection of facilities and property".


The STRUCTURED CABLE NETWORKS (SCS) created by our specialists ensure the operation of high-speed data transfer protocols. In order to reduce the risks of compromising data to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic radiation from cable lines, shielded cables and shielding cable guides are envisaged, as well as the creation of cable systems of the class "optics to the workplace". If necessary, LOCAL COMPUTER NETWORKS (LAN) are designed in accordance with the requirements of the guidance document STR-K and other regulatory documents that define the requirements for information systems for processing confidential information.


Our company provides a full range of services for the creation of data centers:

• Construction of engineering systems for guaranteed uninterrupted power supply and central air conditioning system;
• Construction and service support of the IT infrastructure of the data center;
• Monitoring network and data center equipment;
• Data center operation and maintenance;
• Expertise and planning;
• Designing;
• Construction;
• Engineering;
• Operation and maintenance.

Data centers building is a key competence for our company. We have implemented many projects for the creation and design of engineering systems, communication systems, security systems, power supply, information systems, as well as complex solutions for the creation of data centers. To create data processing centers Co. Ltd. “SVEGA-Computer” has a full set of own resources: experienced technical specialists, necessary permissive documentation, experience in building objects of varying complexity, established partnership with the world's best equipment manufacturers.