Computer industry


In 1989 our company created one of the first productions of personal computers in Leningrad. Today Co. Ltd. “SVEGA-Computer” has the production capacities capable to provide release over 150 thousand devices a year.

The list of products includes not only computers, monoblocks, data storage systems, servers, but also high-tech thermometry systems SVEGA® KT as well as multifunctional multimedia systems with 3D stereo visualization SVEGA® MMK-3D.

All manufactured equipment meets the requirements of State Standards of the Russian Federation and Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

In the production of computer equipment (desktop and mobile systems, servers and data storage systems) special attention is paid to the quality of the products, which is confirmed by its many years of trouble-free operation at the customer sites.

The production process is regulated by the Technical Specifications for the products. The choice of component manufacturers for produced computer equipment is made on the basis of compliance of component parts with requirements of Russian and international industrial standards as well as the deepest professional knowledge of both all range of these products existing in the world market and quality of products manufactured by these or those companies.

Only components that have passed the preliminary incoming quality control and compatibility and fault tolerance testing are allowed for production. Production is performed at our own facilities by highly professional technicians. An obligatory stage of the production cycle is the multi-stage testing and output control of the finished product.


Professional 3D stereo visualization systems

We introduce modern virtual technologies on the basis of the professional 3D visualization systems SVEGA® MMK-3D in the educational institutions of the Russian Federation at all levels.

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Sanitary and Epidemiological Safety Systems

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the most urgent task is to implement thermometry systems designed for non-contact measurement of human temperature.

High temperature is a major symptom in people with coronavirus infection or other diseases associated with elevated body temperature. The simplest, fastest and most reliable way of detecting elevated temperature in humans is infrared thermography, i.e., determination of body temperature by contactless measurement of infrared radiation in the body.

The most popular thermometry systems are those that allow you to comfortably measure the temperature of the flow of people, without violating human freedom.

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